Sunday, June 26, 2011

The writings on the wall.

Well, it was before the walls came out! We let the kids draw on the old plaster for a bit of fun.

Yesterday the electrician came and disconnected our power and we were able to pull all the plaster off in the kitchen.

Butlers pantry.

We also pulled up the old timber floor in the kitchen and the little room (aka butlers pantry) next door. The husband and I have conflicting views about this room. I'd eventually like some cabinetry in here too. I saw a beautiful display home some time ago and they had a butlers pantry and ever since I've thought this room would make a good one. The husband thinks the new kitchen is more than ample and doesn't "get" why I need more space. You can never have enough space/storage can you girls!!!

There were lots of cobwebs and dust under everything, this part of the house is over 100 years old, we are discovering nothing is straight either. The only casualty of the day was one of the windows, so will have to get that repaired this week too.

By 9.30pm last night we had had the floor laid. We will be putting a vinyl strip, timber look laminate over these two rooms and the adjoining dining area. So, a few finishing touches, nail gun the floor down, plug some gaps and we are ready for the electrician Monday then the plasterer later this week. We can then paint, and have the new kitchen installed the following week. We are living on cooked chooks from the supermarket and salad at the moment.


  1. So exciting Julie. I agree with you - a butler's pantry is an excellent idea for those items you don't use everyday (eg the extra good dinner set, all those salad bowls). They dont't need to be clogging up the cupboards in the kitchen.

  2. Wow you even had to strip out the floor - now that's a major reno!
    I completely agree with keeping the butlers pantry. That would be my dream...

  3. A butlers pantry is definitely something I'd want if there was space for it in my home. You're a lucky girl! I hope you can convince your husband to do it up right.