Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've succumbed.

Remember last year when I had a little think about blogging, Facebook and Twitter. I love my blog, I don't think I'll ever give it up. I have issues with Facebook and using Twitter was just unknown territory.

I was keeping FB to my friends and family and bloggers that have turned into "real" friends. Sorry everyone for putting you in a category but it was working for me until now. Lines are getting blurry so I've now set up a Narioka FB page for everyone. My facebook friends don't tend to read my blog so that will keep them up to date. Personally I find blogging a lot more satisfying but everyone's different.

I had ruled out Twitter all together, but after some prompting have given it a go and quite like it. So yes, Narioka now tweets! I think that will do me for new social media for a while. I've added a couple of follow/like buttons on my sidebar if you want to join in the fun.

It will remain to be seen if I need all three.
I pretty much only put on FB what is on my blog.
Twitter is good for instant crafty and non crafty chit chat.
Twitter is quick and easy on the i-phone.
What is everyone else doing?
Am I putting too much thought into this?

I've actually sewed today, this was all floating around my head so I decided to write it down.
Clear head now!


  1. I will just stay in the blogging field for now 8-) !!!

  2. Yes, I did pop over to your FB page. I don't twitter and probably never will. There is too much time wasting on technology going on in this house already :)
    Have a lovely weekend Julie.