Wednesday, June 22, 2011

During #1

Demolition man.

Deep breaths. Its started.

The helpers.

The kitchen demolition began tonight, and as expected, there was little warning.
In came the crow bar and hammer. In no time at all, cupboards gone and several sheets of plaster removed. Once the electrician has been we can remove the rest.


The ceiling looks even higher with the overhead cupboards gone.
I've plugged the holes I can see but the farm girls would know any little gap in a welcome invitation for mice at the moment. At least its only for a couple of days. There doesn't seem to be as many mice around after the cold snap this week. Not that we have had that many really.


  1. Hey Julie! Ooohh!! I feel your excitement AND your pain ... you know ... that renovating pain of dust everywhere, can't find anything, stepping around and over stuff all the time!! We renovated our kitchen two years ago ... EEEK! :0) Mind you ... it is so lovely to have a more practical, pretty kitchen. Our original cupboards were an even darker brown wood panel laminate than you showed in your before photos ... hideous!! Will look forward to seeing your progress and the end result!! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. No baking for you then. At least you've got the bread-maker!
    Ab x

  3. OOOuuuuchh!!!
    What are you guys eating this days?? can you still cook in there????
    8-)) !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brings back so many memories! Before long you'll be enjoying lovely sparkly new stuff and all the mess (and hopefully not) potential mice will be a thing of the past. Are you living on sandwiches and bbq's?

  5. Yep, memories!! Love the way your little model is peeping around that corner letting big brother check it out first, might be some of those mice around there..!! Seriously though, it's going to be amazing when it's finished. We're replacing/removing doors/windows next week. In this weather that should be interesting too..!

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  7. oh I love the pic of the kids peeking in! so exciting!