Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Giveaway winners

I'm a few days late drawing my giveaway mainly because last week I made a top then re-read my giveaway post and realised I had promised a dress. So I've just finished the dress! Here it is.

I love the fabric which is from Moda's Tweet Tweet range. I got some new bindings this week, the bright yellow goes quite well with this fabric. I like mixing and matching.

So..........drumroll......the winner is Zara.

I thought I'd may as well give away the top too.

second draw.....drumroll......winner is Karlyn.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.
If Zara and Karlyn can send me their details I'll pop the outfits in the post.

Phew, I'm finally up to date, custom orders finished too.
A trip to the post office is in order tomorrow.


  1. What?? How did I miss this??
    Bummer for me and congratulations to the winners on your gorgeous prizes.

  2. Julie,
    Lucky me..The dress looks beautiful.
    Can i have your email address as Outlook isnt working for me.
    Or you could email me-


  3. Bummer. Harvey would have looked a treat in that frock! Well done Zara and Karlyn.
    Ab x

  4. Don't worry Abs, I'll make Harvey a frock if you like ;-)

  5. Beautiful dress Julie! Congratulations to the winners!