Monday, May 16, 2011


I think I've found something I think I enjoy as much as fabric shopping

kitchen shopping!!!

It costs a bit more but it works on similar concepts, browsing, matching, falling in love and trying to fit colours all together. See just like quilting, except the husband has more input.....well we try to let them think they are having input if you know what I mean.

We have found a lovely cabinet maker who is on our wavelength which is making the experience so far enjoyable. The enjoyment may not last when I have to relocate my kitchen somewhere else in the house while we pull out the old one. Its going to be cold BBQing on the verandah but I'm prepared to work through the pain.


  1. When we did up our kitchen the cabinet makers suggested selling our old was yellow laminate and I thought no one would buy it. I advertised it 6weeks before our new kitchen would be finished. I thought it would be advertised no one would buy it and we would get my dad down a week before the new kitchen was ready and we would take it out. The night it was advertised a fellow rang came and looked at it and bought it !!!!!!!!!!!!! For his shack by the river. The next day he came removed the kitchen which left us with nothing for 6 weeks. Camping kitchen was fun for about 4 days ............ Not 6 weeks. The new kitchen was worth it though. Have fun choosing.

  2. Nothing quite like a major renovation project! I'm almost jealous :)

    Enjoy the'll appreciate the new kitchen so much when it's finally finished!

    Looking forward to seeing pics along the way.


  3. Microwave noodles ARE full of nutrients, don't believe what those healthy nuts say ;o)

  4. Start filling the freezer now!
    All the best with the new kitchen, sure you will appreciate it and enjoy it. Look forward to seeing your progress along the way.

  5. An updated kitchen is worth every little inch of pain. Happy decision making.

  6. ohhhhhhh lovely! I'm so behind with my blog but I think a new kitchen might be on the cards here just to keep me happy and not wanting to move house! that looks lovely!