Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cabins in the Hills quilt, queen size requirements.

I know I've taken way too long to get back to this. Apologies.

You will find my Bake Shop tutorial for this quilt pattern here.

I had a request for instructions/fabric requirements to make it queen size.

To make a QS quilt make 8 by 8 rows of the log cabin blocks which will then require 12 more setting triangles.

You can follow the original instructions on the bake shop, just add the extra blocks and triangles.

So, fabric needed on top original pattern requirements are an additional Hideaway jelly roll and an additional 40cm of the fabric (white print) you want to use for your setting triangles. The outer borders I will leave to your own calculations depending on the exact size quilt you require.

Don't forget I'd love a photo if you do make this quilt.
There are photo's in the previous post of it hanging at Spring Quilt Market Utah.

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  1. Awesome Julie! Thanks for the link of your tutorial! 8-)
    Have a great day!