Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Term two.

Schools back. For this house it means Dad's back at work too. So its just the two girls home here today. We've been out all morning doing jobs but are back home now. Its another one of those lazy sunny Autumn days, not too hot, slight breeze. I could just go and lie on the grass and enjoy it. (We spent a bit of time doing that over the weekend). I'd better get back into the old routine though.

The last of our visitors left yesterday. Its been really nice to catch up with lots of family over the hols. My niece and I did some more work on her heart quilt for her new bedroom. We can start sewing up some blocks now we have all the hand stitching done. She's done a great job.

We had ANOTHER birthday celebration with the cousins too.
Yes Mum, we ate both ginger fluffs at once.
They disappeared in about two minutes flat.

Did I tell you I got a new toy over the holidays too???
"Cookin with gas" now.
Well, just the cooktop is gas, its an electric oven.
It's fabulous and made feeding a house full of guests a breeze.


  1. Ginger bliss? Sounds very interesting! Lovin the new appliance, it looks very pretty.
    Ab x

  2. Jules, its been a while since I have had the time to visit you in blogland - so big hugs of congrats on your new toy !!! There will be no limit to your entertaining now !! I will be over for a giner fluff sponge in the near future :o) Seriously, what is a good day for a visit???