Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shirring and party prep.

I have not achieved anything near what I thought I would this week.
Instead I have three quotes underway for our new kitchen, an eight year olds birthday for twelve nearly organised and a new oven sitting in my kitchen. This time last week there was no talk of kitchen reno's until a friend got me on to Gray's Auctions (dangerous) and Mr. Seven was only having two friends for his birthday celebrations. How quickly things change.

We have been perusing "the book".
I won't be getting any Mother of the Year awards this year seeing I refused to make the train cake. He's had it twice and I reckon I have made it for nearly every family I used to nanny for.

I'm so over the train.

Instead we are having a square chocolate monster face cake. Easy peasy.
Along with masses of home made sausage rolls, mini quiches, mini hot dogs, pop corn, cup cakes, chips and noodle box party favours filled with sweets and bits and bobs.
Fingers crossed for a pleasant day but if it does rain we are lucky we have a lot of undercover space to accommodate an energetic bunch of little party goers.

There has been a little late night sewing happening.
I'm currently working on a batch of twelve shirred tops in a range of fabrics and sizes.


  1. Oh I remember that wonderful book from when my kids were little. I won't be making cakes like that for a while ... not til grand-babies come along at least ;o).
    Joy ;o)

  2. I am sure Mr seven will enjoy any cake you make for his birthday. Good luck entertaining that bunch of kids!!!! :)))) !!

  3. Good luck!
    Watch out for a party full of 8yr olds boys - they're CRAZY!!!! My tip - have more activities then you think you might need.
    We had 9 boys at home, pouring rain and finished all our games/activites & food (I even had 4 back-ups too!) with 15 minutes to spare - aaarghhh! The Mr & I had them making balloon rockets on string from the kitchen through the living room. (Longest 2 hours of our lives!) Luckily the little man LOVED it. Phew.
    Hope yours is FAB!

  4. I made the same cake for my now 33 yr olds third birthday. It's a family legend that when it came time to blow out the candles he cried, still don't know why but it took 30 minutes and six attempts if I remember rightly to get those damn candles blown out!! Aaahhh, memories :o) Have fun, sounds like it will be a blast..

  5. Ahhh the WW Birthday Cake book. Did you know that thing sells for $50 + on Ebay? I bought it last year because life didn't seem right without it. Childhood wasn't childhood without Dolly Varden ;o)
    Seems you've been very productive to me!
    Shirr well Oh stitchy one x

  6. I have made the train cake too..but only once, that was enought for me! It was appreciated though. I hope you have a marvellous party!