Monday, April 4, 2011

Frock swap.

Here's what I did for the other half of the weekend.

Looking at this post and the last post makes me realise how lucky I am to have such diverse, energetic and positive friends I have, not to mention my blogging buddies who are a whole other story!

So Sunday, friend Kesenya of Alice Jeans blog, organised a frock swap and vintage clothing exhibition.

Here's some of her vintage frock collection. She did an amazing job of colour co-ordinating and displaying 23 frocks and setting up the hall for the accompanying frock swap. The outfits were from about 1945 to early 70's.

Here's Kesenya "frocked up" for the afternoon.

Now I know what a frock swap is!

What a fabulous concept. Ladies were invited to bring a selection of clothes, accessories and shoes. You know the ones in your wardrobe that are too good to throw out and that you never fit into again or have hardly ever worn. All the clothes are laid out on tables and racks, all mixed together then everyone browses around and takes whatever they like. I think everyone went home with something new. People were given the option of taking home any of their items that didn't get claimed but I think everyone was happy to leave behind what they had brought. One of the op-shops in Cohuna is going to get a lot of new, very good condition, stock today.

I slept over at Sen's place Saturday night to help her prepare, make scones etc.
Here's the rather special, low cal afternoon tea...pffft.
Anyone want to move to the country?

Sunday morning, before the swap, we went for a drive in Kesenya's car to do run some errands and also visit a garden in Kerang. It was a rambling country garden much like the style of ours. We took loads of cuttings, which by the way I left at your house Sen, can you whack them in a couple of pots for me please!

Yes, her car is left hand drive!!!!
Feels rather weird sitting in the "drivers seat" and not actually driving!

Photos for future reference. Kesenya has designed some beautiful gardens.

Gords hanging in one of the garden sheds.

Sadly the flood waters in some areas still haven't receded.
Everything is so dead and grey looking where the water has been.

This is looking up the main highway going towards Kerang. The road is gone, its just a pile of rubble made into what looks like a makeshift levee bank. Very depressing looking. I think a few of the ladies enjoyed the afternoon and a bit of socialising after what they have been through lately.


  1. What a great weekend Julie - looks like so much fun.

  2. Yum! Both the frocks and the afternoon tea.