Saturday, April 16, 2011


Phew. We survived the party!
Twelve kids for three hours. I was expecting the worst but they were all really good and Mr "Eight" had a fabulous time.

Here's the birthday boy doing the egg and spoon race. It was a last minute game requested by the kids so the eggs were fresh, not boiled. Surprising none were broken, they were extra careful.

There were lots of games of four square ball, balloon between legs races, chalk drawing, pass the parcel and hide and seek in the garden, hot food, cake and frogs in ponds. Dad did a great job of crowd control.

There was an article in this week's paper about families spending up to $10,000 with party planning companies to create the perfect children's party. We did ours on the cheap.
One little guest proclaimed it was the best party ever.

Pin the tail on the donkey above.
(Outlay, one piece of chalk and some blue hay band.)

The monster face cake courtesy of the WW Birthday Cake book.
Sparklers caused minor drama when they set of smoke alarms.

Today has been spent convincing Grandma and Grandpa to play Cops and Robbers with the new weapons of mass destruction received as birthday gifts. Watch out sparrows!

Happy birthday little man. xxxxx


  1. Happy birthday Mr 8!!!!!! What a great birthday party!! I am sure he had the best time ever. Congratulations on the cake!! You did a very nice job, Julie.
    I will tell my Mr 8 going on 9 all about the party and the games the kids played.
    Have a nice weekend!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Mr. 8! Parties can sometimes go a bit over price cant they. Yours sounds like it had all the kids entertained the whole time. Glad none of the eggs were broken!

  3. *WOW* 8??? That time has flown by, he looks so TALL now too! Sounds like a fabulous day was had by all! xox

    Happy 8th Birthday Mr 8!

  4. awwww happy birthday big boy! looks like a great party! I think home parties are the best parties:)