Thursday, April 7, 2011

I did it Mum!

I think Mum showed me a hundred times how to put zips in when I was growing up. I always though she'd be around to do them for me so never really took as much notice as I should have. Unfortunately now, we live three hours away from each other.

I've managed life so far without knowing how to put in a zip but the other day I was asked to make a zippered sock and jock travel bag for a gentleman. I explained I don't do zips and was promptly told by the lady that I should learn. I've put it off for a few weeks but she's coming around for a cuppa this morning so I thought I'd better make a start. I had a little read of this tutorial.

Guess what??? I can do it!!!!!
They aren't that hard.
It even goes up and down.

(Slight stress, when I realised I sewed up the bag and left the zip done up. I managed to wiggle it down so I could turn it the right way out.)

Zip insertion.
I can tick that off my New Years Resolution list now too.
I've read on a few blogs that learning to put a zip in can be a life changing experience.


  1. Well done. The bag looks good.

  2. Clever you.....I CAN do zips but I don't.... :o)

  3. Good for you. I think I've done it a grand total of two times . It still scares me.