Saturday, March 12, 2011

Todays quilt shows.

Photo overload warning.

Two local towns both had quilt shows today.
Whats a girl to do?
Had to go to both.

This is the bigger of the two shows, held in a high school hall.
There were five big long rows like this of quilts and photos were "absolutely" permitted.

What's everyone's opinion on photographs being allowed at quilt shows? I've never minded my quilts being photographed. I wouldn't put them in a show if I did. Should we be asking permission to publish other peoples quilts on our blogs? I think if they allow photos they have to expect this might happen.
Also, do flash bulbs cause fading??? I thought this was more a problem in museums where quilts were under lights all the time and were being photographed ALL the time.
I'm interested to hear everyones thoughts.
By the way, none of these photos required a flash, I find flash photography doesn't do quilts justice anyway.

There was a huge variety of work and some absolutely stunning quilts.

We thought this was the quilt of the show. You can't really tell by the photo but the centre is made up of an iris flower print fabric. The way the yellow blue and green were arranged around the flowers was very clever.

Aboriginal prints framed in black.
Little Miss in front wears shirred red polka dot dress.

Detail on a miniature quilt.
Yes, all those leaves are teensy tiny little triangles that you would normally find on the floor.

Quilting close up.

Liked this design.

Bit bright for me but I'm sure theres a few bloggers that might like it.

There were also a couple of beautiful quilts featuring Japanese fabrics.

I like the hexagon and triangle pieced panel up the middle of this one above.

This one had little pieced cranes, close up below.

This one was very eye catching.

I thought this was a fun little quilt!!
There were even knickers and bras quilted into the black border.

The other show was put on by a lady who previously owned a quilt shop.
The quilts were mostly hers, with a few from other ladies scattered through.

I asked about photographs at the start and she said she wasn't permitting photos because the flash would fade the fabric..........yup.........but if I really wanted picture I could come and ask. So I took two (without flash). The quilts above were probably the pick of the show. I loved the flying geese on the right and although I'm not a bargello fan the quilt behind the bed was quite stunning. The quilt on the bed was made by her husband out of silk ties. Not a bad effort for a bloke, I didn't get around to asking her if he had his own sewing room or shared hers? I was also wondering if she stored all her quilt in the dark. My thoughts would be prolonged exposure to natural light would probably have a more detrimental fading effect than a few flash bulbs over a weekend but each to their own.

It was a very "country coloured" quilt show. Not a lot of quilts featuring more modern "pretty" fabrics but she had done some lovely work. The tree quilt below, featured a block for every month of the year, it was enormous.

Now back to the other "sowing" going on around here.
Seed and fertiliser to deliver to the boys.


  1. WOW! So many beautiful creations! Those Japanese quilts are just lovely:)

    P.S. Love your new banner!

  2. Honest opinion, if someone wants to take a photo of one of my quilts I'm so flattered I'll help..!! Really if you enter a quilt show you have to expect people to take photographs and I've never heard of flashes fading a quilt, sunshine yes, flash nope..? Love the Japanese quilts, very nice..

  3. You can flash my quilts anytime you like!
    Love the cranes quilt - I bet the piecing was tiny.
    Ab x

  4. Jules - in all your quilting have you ever heard of Gloria Laughman? She is the mother of one of my girlfriends from highschool (and was also a teachers aid at the high school for a while there too). Anyhow, her passion for quilting lead her to go on to be one of the foremost quilting instructors around and goes all over the world doing her tutorials....just thuoght you may have heard of her - inspiring woman, to think a passionate hobby can lead to a career like that !! We would but dream.......