Saturday, March 26, 2011


Thursday Miss Muff and I spent a lovely day in the company of the about to pop, Abbe (Copperpatch).
We did Spotlight, a patchwork shop, lunch and some grocery shopping, as you do.
No photos, unless you count the 85 taken on the i-phone by a little person while the big girls were otherwise occupied. Most of these photos were of Abbe's really cool, purple thongs.

Anyway, Abbe and I sort of both gravitated towards this quilt pattern (Once Upon a Time, Melly and Me) and the fabrics in it, which resulted in the identical purchase of the fabrics below.

BUT, we have a problem.
There is a beautiful able green bordering the quilt blocks which was sold out.
We would both like a metre each.
We were wondering if any kind blog reader might let us know if they come across it in a store.

The range is Lecien's Minny Muu, bumblebee on light green.
The photo below shows it much greener than it really is.
You can see the truer colour in the first photo.

You never know, Abbe might name her first born after you if you can help us out.


  1. I would ask at Quilt Fabric Delights. I know Sarah has a block of the month using it and may have some left over. Good luck!

  2. Whatever it takes to get the right fabric... :o)
    It was a lovely day out, looking forward to the next one with the newest shopping buddy!!!

  3. Wow, love, love that quilt. so glad its a pattern, lucky you spending time with abbe!

  4. Give 'Patchwork with Gail B' a ring. I know they have it in fat quarters so have probably got it on the bolt too.

  5. Julie honey, I just love love love your blog - you write so beautifully and your pictures are always fantastic. Cant wait to catch up this saturday night !! XX