Sunday, March 20, 2011

Queen size quilt instructions for Moda Bake Shop Postage Stamp Quilt.

I had quite a few requests for instructions on how to make my
Moda Bake Shop Postage Stamp Quilt into a Queen size quilt.

Here's the link to the original tutorial.
You will be able to use the original tutorial and refer to the following additional notes to enlarge the quilt.

If two jelly rolls are used the postage stamp quilt in my Bake Shop will come out to 72 by 80 inch inches quilt, which hangs over the side of a queen size mattress. If you wanted an even larger quilt you could either purchase a third jelly roll or simply make the borders wider to obtain the exact size you require.

If you use two jelly rolls, you will require 72 complete strips to achieve this size.

Cut them where they fold to produce 144 half size strips.

Lay out in desired colour sequence.

Take one third (48 half strips) and start piecing four together as per my original instructions.

Keep following my instructions up to where the 4 by 4 blocks are constructed.

When you come to arranging the blocks into rows. You will end up with nine rows of eight blocks.

The centre "postage stamp" part of your quilt will be 32 by 36 postage stamps.

Add borders to complete quilt to your desired size. If you wish to replicate my one inch white and three inch blue border you will need to purchase 14 inches of white fabric and 30 inches of the blue fabric.

I will also be posting instructions and fabric requirements to make my last Bake Shop tutorial, Cabins in the Hills, into a Queen size as well. Give me a few days, there's a bit more calculating in that one.

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  1. Your instructions are very clear and well done. That quilt looks wonderful - I'm getting back into playing with ideas and needing some inspiration to make my own queensize quilt.