Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Play School live show.

Yesterday, we (along with nearly every other child in the district under four) went to the Play School concert at the Rich River Resort. The kids had a ball dancing and singing along to all the songs they do on the TV show. The presenters were Abi Tucker and Alex Paps. They seemed to be having as much fun as the kids. I can really recommend going if it comes to a town near you.

Miss Muff, front row doing twinkle twinkle little star.

A bit of dancing.

Photos after the show with Abi and Alex. I thought it was really nice that they came out and mingled with the kids after the show. I think a few of the Mum's were quietly pleased too!

I love that they dress like any other Mum or Dad to perform the show. Nothing to gimmicky. Just nice stories and songs like play school has done forever. Timeless.

The girls checking out the view and watching the golfers at the resort.


  1. Awe...that last picture is so sweet! :0)

  2. It is timeless, I remember my kids watching Big Ted and Jemima too...

  3. Great pic with the guys- I love Abi Tucker! And Alex Papps just makes me feel old.....I went to a Jusatine clarke conbcernt when she first started singing, and it was like this, except no pics after the show. Gotta love Play School!

  4. Yay for Play School!
    They came to Horsham a couple of years ago, but we had no idea who the presenters where :/ No pics either. We had Max and Millie in town, they were great!
    Hope you enjoyed the day out too