Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pamper Day.

I spent four hours today showing ladies how to make fabric yoyos and hair ties at a local ladies pamper day. Heres my table. Pretty simple but there wasn't a lot of room. I had a tray full of fabric squares, yoyo makers, scissors, needles and hair clips, plus a bowl of finished clips and also a few fat quarters and bindings available for sale. The ladies sat down either side and made their clips up. My youngest learner was 16 and the oldest was 85 years old.

Ladies pamper days started around here during the drought. They were finding a lot of women in the community weren't going out socialising, looking after themselves and generally going without when money got tight. It was one way of fighting depression in the area too. While the drought is over, a lot of people have experienced difficulty because of the recent floods.
200 ladies attended today.

So at a pamper day, there are usually lots of different tables set up where you can get your nails done, maybe an eyebrow wax, hair cut, cooking demonstrations, craft demonstrations (jewellery, cards, me!), maybe a tai chi session, a massage, health check, Avon, Bodyshop sample tables, all sorts of things really. There was even a body art lady there today decorating pregnant bellies, interesting but not something I would have done in front of a room full of people. (Especially when you have to walk around, baring all, to let it dry.)

I had a good day. Lots of ladies were surprised how easy yoyo making is. I sold quite a few too, making up little custom orders while people were pampered. I even repaired a ladies bag. (I was the only one in the room with a needle and thread.)

Oh, and I didn't mention the food. Plates and plates and plates of sandwiches, hot finger food and cupcakes galore! I don't feel like cooking tea.

The organisers will be thrilled with todays effort I think.

Giggle of the day, 20 year old girl winning a 'menopause' gift basket. They let her swap it over.


  1. What a wonderful and important community event. Country women are so ace like that. You are so ace too Jules for taking part. I had shivers reading through your post. Its been a tough year after all those drought years thats for sure. X

  2. Did you say in another post what droughts you're talking about? Perhaps I'm the only dope who doesn't know in which case...sorry to annoy.