Monday, March 14, 2011

Overnight in Kyneton.

We were going to head to Melbourne this long weekend but with so many jobs to do at home and not wanting to travel all that way just for one night we decided to instead meet my parents half way for a night. So a quick search on the internet turned up a nice B&B in Kyneton. We had planned a few garden walks and a visit to St Erth Sunday afternoon but instead ended up in Ballan hospital with Mr. Seven having an allergic reaction to rye grass or a horse. Read, huge red, swollen eye. We had him treated and it started to go down a little so we found a park for lunch then it bucketed rain so we ended up relaxing at the B&B instead. Mr. Seven learnt to play chess and can now beat his Dad and Grandpa!

Miss Muff insisted on having the "princess fairy" bedroom.

After tea we had a stroll through the botanic gardens.
Don't you love the trunk of the Bunya Pine.

Grandma in front of a tree the same age as her.

Miss Muff in front of a tree the same age as her.

Kyneton's patchwork and wool shop in historic Piper Street. Well worth a visit.
Set in one of the many lovely old buildings.

Kids checking out an old fashioned letterbox.

....and returning home,
the roller door goes up on the carport and this is what we saw.
Yes, my husband's "mates" popped around over the weekend and parked his ute sideways.
Hilarious guys but you know there will be payback.

You know our pathetic rooster with the inferiority complex and the crow like the horn on the Beverly Hillbilly's car....well, it has already found itself transported to a new chicken coop tonight. No doubt it will be returned but it will be worth the giggle.

More pics to come in a moment of my new dream project if only someone will lend me a couple of million $$.


  1. Looks like you had fun!! Did you get to Piper St too? So many gorgeous shops & cafes. Two of our kids have had allergic eye things this year, both quite swollen and red. We couldn't define what it was, we think dust or grasses. It's been a bad year for allergies. Love the rooster trick, someone is going to wake up early tomorrow!! xo

  2. Looks like a wonderful visit with the exception of the ER visit! I hope he's feeling much improved now.

  3. I have just found your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying your adventures. Such a different life than I have and it is a pleasure to read of yours.