Monday, March 14, 2011

Old Kyneton Hospital.

While driving on the weekend, we saw this building poking out on a distant hill so we went to investigate. I have a thing for old buildings.
It turns out out it was the old Kyneton Hospital.
I started dreaming about buying it and doing it up. I'd love to have seen inside. Can you imagine what an awesome quilt show we could hold here. Look at all those verandahs we could hang quilts over.

It also had a couple of out buildings and after some internet investigation I discovered this is the "emergency" department. Built sometime after the original building.

And our suspicions that this was the morgue were also confirmed.

So, if you know of anyone that has a spare million let me know and I'll buy it, and while they are flinging money around maybe a second million to do it up would be lovely.

I had this feeling in the back of my mind I had seen this building before then it came to was featured in this beer ad.


  1. I love old buildings too and that hospital building is just beautiful! Imagine having quilting retreats there! Let me know when you're open for business! ;0)

  2. This is a beautiful area and it would be fun to have the money to make this into something, wouldn't it? Good luck! And, I love the beer commercial, very funny, lol.

  3. It is a wonderful building Julie!!! Would make great shop, classroom, and retreat house!!! Make it and I will be there!!! lol! 8-)

  4. Guess what, the coppers used to have to accompany the bodies to the morgue and then strip them of valuables to return to families. Yup, even the yucky ones. They also had to wait in there for the doctor and then be present during the autopsy. Ick!!!

    Some coppers have recently done a thourough patrol inside...just to make sure nothing was amiss. Much less character inside but so, so much potential :o)

  5. Oh Sugar - I will go in on this building with you !! Wouldnt it be divine?!!! The only thing is, you know old hospitals are renowned for their spectral activity....but then that would be nothing new (wink wink)