Monday, February 14, 2011

Three more from the 'box'.

You know the box.

The one with the fabrics you don't really have any plans for,
the fabrics that are too good to throw out,

the fabrics that MIGHT be useful one day.

My "box" is overflowing so I had a rummage and made up three more simple bags in an effort to stash reduce.

Not bad eh.


  1. Not bad at all! I love making bags too! In fact I just recently finished a bag very similar to yours with the wide strap for a friend. She picked out the fabric herself. I had to tell you that in case you look at it on my site and wonder! Not quite my taste, but she'll like it!

    Looks like nice sunny outdoor weather where you are right now.


  2. No, not bad at all! I too have some fabrics that will be turned into bags instead of going into quilts.

  3. Great bags, and wonderful way to use up those box goodies there Julie, and the boy's bags are great too! 8-)