Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stretch fabric sewing adventure.

My friend I am teaching/brainwashing, into learning how to make quilts suggested I do some stretch sewing. We had an outing to Spotlight Thursday, both armed with out $40 vouchers and had a bit of a buy up. Its taken me three hours but I finally have a stretch creation under my belt. Some bobbin issues that I wasn't going to let beat me.

The finished product looks pretty good considering the hold ups.
I used a t-shirt pattern, made it longer, shirred the sleeves and around the waist to make a little dress for Miss to pop over leggings.

In other breaking news, a fabric bomb exploded in my sewing room.
The rest of the afternoon might be spent putting this back into some sort of order.
Its been neglected and become a dumping ground while we got back into the school routine.


  1. The dress looks so good. Also glead to see another room looking a lot like mine. Cherrie

  2. I love it! by the way your room is looking much better than mine!


  3. oh me too, although mine looks a lot worse!

  4. Looking good Julie!! some stretch fabrics are tricky... I've had many a struggle with it when I sewed for my children many moons ago...
    Sewing room looks very productive to me!!! lol! 8-)