Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I need a new pair of bathers. I love those 50's style designs BUT they come at quite a price. Try $180 plus. Too impatient to source and buy a pattern I started making a pair last night. A two dollar piece of gingham, some shirring elastic and about six hours later.....TA DA.....I have new togs.

This is the first and lat time you will ever see me in anything this skimpy on my blog.
Mum and hubby will probably have a fit.

I just made a long top, I'll wear my bikini bottoms under them. Easier than making a one piece.

To make them, I cut the metre of fabric into two pieces. The front piece I gathered down the sides and a short section down the centre of the top. The back piece I shirred 3/4 of the way down the back and gathered the sides the rest of the way down over the bottom. Hem the top and bottom and for a little more support hand stitch an old bra into the top and add straps.

OK. Hitting post before I change my mind.


  1. Gorgwous! And I wouldn't have believed it was you, looks like a pic from a magazine! Seriously! Great sewing, I'm off to find some red spotty to do the same...and I might doe matching bloomers! haha

  2. Ha! You look great Julie! Love the new togs.

  3. Julie honey - you are a total legend !!! They look AMAZING !!!! Next you will be making patterns for swimsuits !!! And I must say - Hubba Hubba !!!! You sexy thing !!!! :o)

  4. They are HOT!!!!!
    You are so awesome.
    I was on the Sister Pat website today but now I'm not so sure. Ace joc. X

  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Love them! I made a pair of bathers for myself earlier this year and blogged a photo of myself in them too, so don't feel alone in that. Well done!

  6. Wow gorgeous, you should be very proud of that body and your sewing.

  7. You clever thing. The togs look great - very '50s-pin-up-girl.

  8. julie I didn't realise that was you wearing them! you look fab! oh man I have to get into the pool with the twins swimming next week - ugh! can I wear a sign that says I just had a baby 3 months ago I'm dreading it.

    you look awesome! I still have weight to lose and was torturing myself over buying swimmers but managed to pick up 2 pairs in the clearance sales after christmas - they still have their tags on!

    well done, you look great!


  9. They look great, well done, I don't think I could just make something like that up.