Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've got the 24 hours news channel on again. As if the floods weren't enough the people of Queensland are now bracing for a category five Tropical Cyclone. The biggest cyclone to hit Australia since 1918 I think they said. Just dreadful. I hope people have been able to get away or get somewhere safe.

I came across this interesting site, superimposing the cyclone system image over a map of the USA.
Its Huge.


  1. The media is saying it's going be greater than Hurricane Katrina

  2. %$#@#@#$%^
    This is horrifying stuff!

  3. I'm doing the same thing here, it looks terrible, I know a couple of people who are up there and I'm thinking of them and sending them lots of positive thoughts.

  4. It is really scary. We are following the news here too. They say people are being evacuated, but I cannot imagine how they can evacuate everyone. I doubt it. I hope for a miracle and for everyone to be safe.

  5. My goodness I was shocked to hear about all this on the news lately...
    I hope everyone can get to safety... This is all about more than one country can handle!!!

    That is an interesting photo... Wow!