Sunday, February 13, 2011

Come for a walk.

I've just had a little walk around the garden and taken some photos. Its really strange to see everything so green and overgrown in February. We have had so much rain.

I thought I pop some pics on here, some of the family like seeing whats changed and how the garden looks.

The strawberries doing well, we picked a bowl last night, some more ripe today.

Our nice big healthy green trees in the yard.

Grow your own valentines red long stemmed roses.
I will have to pick a few tomorrow won't I.
I believe they are $100, a bunch of twelve in Melbourne because a lot of florists had plants damaged during the recent floods.

Tennis court.
We need to get a net don't we!

The bird house which we discovered has a tiny nest with four blue eggs in it.
They are living in the top hole.
The cannas. Doing well aren't they Sen.

Our chicken that hatched at New Years is growing up and isn't looking so cute any more. Its biological Mum is brown its adopted Mum (the white chook) is super protective. I have the scars to prove it.

Our first ever pears.

Its a triple grafted tree, we have two varieties so far.

The apple tree which was partially cut down last April to stop it splitting.
Its growing again and doesn't look to bare.

I had to come inside the mosquitos discovered me.

Hope you enjoyed the brief tour.


  1. What a great garden you have!! I love to see the weather is so different than ours. It's cold here, only 6 degrees. We are waiting impatient for the first signs of spring. Also I like to say that I love your blog, it's very nice to read. Love from Holland, Margreet

  2. LOVED the tour, what a fantastic garden you have. I heard about the expensive roses too. The cannas look great.

  3. What a fabulous garden!
    Any tips on keeping the grubs (I think they're codling moths) out of your apples??
    Our poor little tree is infested.
    What a great space you have.

  4. Loved the tour and really love your bird house. You have an amazing garden & it is so huge. Cheers.

  5. What a wonderful walk, Julie! Thanks, I needed that! If you walked around our yard right now, you would just be met by huge walls of snow so you wouldn't get too far! I cannot wait for our strawberries to be ripe and our flowers to be blooming! Your chickens are awfully pretty!


  6. Garden's looking great Julie, it's amazing how green everything is although the other half is disappointed that he is still mowing grass, it's usually brown by now..!

  7. What a wonderful garden Julie! I am very jealous of those strawberries, ours dont seem to have any this time around! The mosquitoes are so awful this year arent they.

  8. Wow things are growing great guns at your place! Well done for taking the time to stop and smell the roses x

  9. Lovely tour of your green garden, we grow heaps of stuff, but am very envious of the strawberry patch, we never have much luck with our strawberry's. And yes, you do need a net, then maybe we could have a blog tennis tournament!

  10. Thanks for the tour Julie! Great photos, lovely fruit, cute chickens!!! 8-)