Monday, February 14, 2011


Last week was supposed to be 'sew week', you know, son and husbad back at school/work, no one around to interrupt, cook for, clean up after etc etc. Well it didn't happen.
Somehow last week turned into 'job week' for me.
Jobs done, THIS week is 'sew week'.

So far this morning I've made three bags.
Only simple little lined bags for the market I'm doing in April.
I'm trying to do more things for boys as we had a lot of requests for boy things last year.


  1. I hope your "sew week" lasts Julie. Some very cute fabrics there.

  2. The bags look fab Julie, they're sure to sell like hot cakes. Funny how we think we'll have all this time to do things and it just disappears! Hope you get lots done today x