Friday, January 21, 2011

The white dress photos.


A few years ago I saw an idea on Oprah. I thought at the time "if I ever have a little girl I'm going to do that". The lady being interviewed had a daughter and for every year of her life she had photographed her in a white dress right up to her wedding day.

1 year old

So far so good. I also hope to include her first quilt in all the photos.

2 year old

Would you believe I forgot the quilt in the 2 year old photos. Oops.

3 year old

We were going tidying up her wardrobe yesterday and she wanted to do twirling in her white dress, perfect opportunity for the three year old shot. Although we also have her flower-girl photos with her wearing a white dress too.

Just an idea I thought might appeal to people "expecting".
Not looking at anyone in particular.......


  1. What a gorgeous idea, and that newborn photo is to die for! Do ou think I should start this at 8, or have I missed the whole idea haha. I'll have to make do with Santa photos!

  2. What a fabulous idea! Too late for me as my oldest is 20 and my youngest is 6, but I do have annual pictures of all of them. I love the white dress idea though.

    Your little one is so cute twirling around in her pretty white dress with that beautiful quilt in the background. This will make a lovely collage of pictures to display at her wedding!


  3. Darling idea, with a darling little girl! Love this last photo with Missy Muff twirling... 8-)