Monday, January 31, 2011

Replica quilt.

I mentioned the other day I was going to try and replicate a quilt for a friend for her 80th birthday. When Mum stayed here, we went through our combined fabrics and were able to find a piece to match most blocks. I wanted to get the quilt top made up so I knew if I had to buy any more fabrics. I'll put it away for a bit as I need to match the backing and binding before I quilt it. I think the trickiest bit was working our what size squares to cut to make the half square triangles so the quilt came out the same size. I ended up cutting 4 & 3/4 inch squares. Pretty simple quilt really. I wish it had made a bigger hole in my country colours stash. My tastes have changed. I notice Crazymomquilts is having the same problem.


  1. Your and your Mum chose very well - the quilt top looks wonderful. When I started quilting country colours were just coming into fashion and even though not my taste were about all I could buy - I was in heaven when Robyn Pandolph, 3 Sisters etc began designing.

  2. You did such an amazing job!!! How did you end up calculating what size squares to cut??? I understand you measure the final square, the one you want to get, and add 7/8" to that measurement. That is the size you should cut your squares. Is it right???? The following link shows you how to get 8 HSQT in just one step! I didn´t know this trick, isn´t it great??!

  3. Time for a country fabric sale at the narioka stall?
    The quilt looks great!
    ab x