Saturday, January 29, 2011


I'm having my "shop" again this year at our town's annual tractor rally.
The one where where get to set up in an original old shop owned by the heritage centre. The old fitting are still there along with lots of old furniture etc we use for props. The added bonus is we can lock it up when we have had enough and not have to pack up overnight.

My co-shop setter upperer and I are going with a tractor theme this year.
I've worked out the measurements to make a simple two card fold. I'll make a few using all the tractor fabrics I've been collecting.

I've decided lots of small gifty items are the way to go at these sort of events.
I'm taking my kids clothes and a couple of cot quilts too to pad things out a bit.

I had hoped to make tractor key rings and I only just discovered fabric with a small enough print to go in them the other day. Lots for the boys. Boys are hard!


  1. Love the tractors!
    Having a flash back - 1970's Elmore Tractor Pull!!
    Oh am I showing my age ???
    I'm sure lots of little boys will love them!

  2. My grandpa has a tractor dealership. It's always bugged me that only John Deere really do official fabric, if I could get some Deutz fabrics I'd absolutely make him a quilt of them.

  3. I love the tractor fabrics. It is hard to find good "boy fabrics"...