Friday, January 7, 2011

In my Christmas stocking.

Here's a belated post. I'm soooo still in holiday mode. The whole blogging thing has taken a back seat to visitors, cooking, eating, playing with the kids, hanging out in the shed playing pool and listening to music.

I thought I'd show you a few of my Chrissy presents. Firstly, this one was a family gift from my Mum and Dad. A Cannon camera and we love it, thankyou xxxx. I'm slowly finding my way around it. I can see myself saving up for a different lens or two down the track. So far I've been doing lots of practise on the kids, when I get a quiet moment I'm going to try some arty quilt shots.

My family Kris Kringle present was a selection from the Retromummy Shop. Hand picked by Corrie, yum!

This book. Can you believe I still haven't had a good flick through it, that how busy we have been. The kids gave me this, via Dad, via me. ie. I buy my own presies which seems to be a common theme among bloggers.

Not in my stocking but bought while shopping after Christmas, a selection of cute op-shopped patterns I will have to test out. Bargain at 99 cents each. I also bought some very cheap gingham at Spotlights sale to pattern test.

I can't wait for things to slow down to go and have a play with everything.


  1. Beautiful gifts!! have fun with them!!! And enjoy your holiday of course!

  2. Nice Camera - enjoy!
    Good stash of goodies all round