Saturday, January 22, 2011

Feed dog plate.

Not sure about the post title? It will make sense in a minute.
No we didn't get a dog!

Corrie's done a couple of great "how to free motion quilt" posts on her blog, including a video.
I just wanted to show you something on my old machine in case anyone else has a similar machine and attachment.

Meet my trusty old 40 year old Elna. Inherited from my Mum, she used to make my clothes on this, sew uniforms for our school uniform shop and also quilted on it before she bought a fancy wiz bang machine. I do most of my sewing and quilting on this machine, including my Bake Shop quilts so just goes to show you don't have to have all the fancy equipment. Having said that, Mum has just upgraded to a newer, fancier machine and I'm pretty excited to be getting another of her cast off machines TODAY!!!!

Where was I......OK feed dogs. Corrie made mention that older machines can't always lower the feed dogs which is the case with this machine but it does come with this little metal plate that slips over the feed dogs to provide a smooth working surface for free motion quilting.

It just clicks on, the thread pulls up through the hole, put on your darning foot and you are off!
Have fun.


  1. Oh My God oh my god oh my god.

    I have that machine. 3 times over. Every time I find one second hand I buy it.

    It's so awesome.

    How many disks do you have?

  2. I know what you mean Sara. Its the best machine ever. We have had several service men tell us to never get rid of it as they don't make the new ones like that any more. I have all the parts, disks et for this one.

  3. My machine is pretty old too, not quite as old as yours, but getting there! Mine also cannot lower the feed dogs but has a plate to go over them. These old machines are the best!