Sunday, January 30, 2011

CFA quilt

I've been working on the quilt our quilt group is donating to the CFA to use to raise funds.

I went into our local quilt shop to get a little more fabric for the backing. She ended up giving me the red which was enough to finish making a pieced back with what I had. Purple, red and yellow aren't colours I have a lot of and what I had I used up in this quilt.

I just used a length of red and purple and joined them with left overs like a stacked coin quilt.

Its all basted and ready to quilt now.
As promised a couple of close up of the blocks people made using "Up the Garden Path" as the theme.

There's quite a lot of work in them.

Don't you love the praying mantis. The lady who made this one is super talented and my "go to" person for quilty dramas, AND she lives around the corner. Handy when Mum's so far away.
I'm looking forward to quilting it. Its going to be a bit of a challenge but a good chance to experiment with some quilting pattern ideas I've seen.


  1. Beautiful Quilt !!! (Clapping hands.)

  2. It's fabulous Julie, I'm really starting to love the *mix it all together* style...

  3. Please let me know when this quilt is being raffled. The belgrave CFA once saved me from a terrible car wreck and I just can't pass up anything to do with the CFA now! Would love to buy some tickets.
    Keep smiling,