Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm one unhappy sewer at the moment.

Normally my fingers would be sewing, instead a Dr. was sewing my finger.

I slammed/squashed/jammed my finger in our big machinery shed sliding door.

I did this yesterday, if it had been one of the kids we would have gone straight to the Emergency Department,



nice tight bandage,

she'll be right.

I realised this morning that all wasn't right and spent five hours in the Emergency having x-rays, local anaesthetic, three stitches, a tetanus shot and collecting a script for antibiotics.

I'll spare you the photos.
So there won't be anything excitingly crafty happening on this little blog for a week or so.

Today's photo......I sold my first quilt sold on Madeit.
I wasn't sure whether this would be the right place to sell quilts but there you go!

Off to feel sorry for myself.


  1. Oh Jules, so sorry to hear the yeowchy news.
    Hope you've got a bell and some slaves to make you tea and stuff. X

  2. oh bugger........go sulk..........I would be.........hope it isn't hurting too much.........

  3. ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't you hate that!
    well done on the quilt, what did you charge $70k??????haha!


  4. Bummer!
    Not part of the pre-christmas plan.
    Hope it's mending itself quick smart and I hope the stitches were neat and decorative! Oh wow ...a quilted finger ????
    Get well soon

  5. Sorry about your finger but so glad about your quilt. Hope you are back to sewing soon.

  6. Ouch! Thank you for not sharing pictures of it with us! Hope it heals up quickly! And congrats on selling your quilt! :0)

  7. Sorry to hear about your finger!!! How awful!! But glad to hear about your quilt! Take good care of your finger!!

  8. ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You are out of action. Hopefully not for too long. Hope it mends quickly.

  9. Oh Julie thats no good at all - hmm I wonder if it will get you out of dishes duty ?
    No permanent damage i hope.

  10. Ouch..! I did the same thing years ago, slammed my hand in the car door....twice!!! You'd think I would learn wouldn't you..? Feeling sorry for yourself is mandatory..

  11. You poor thing. That must have hurt a hell of a lot. I hope the fam is making it all better by feeding you up with lots of chocolate.
    Take care and well done on the quilt sale.
    Ab xx

  12. Ps. Let me know if there is anything you need sewn before Xmas. I have next week off...

  13. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Poor you. You are doing a good job of typing and operating the computer there, even with a bung finger. Get better soon. :)

  14. Good for you on your quilt sale Julie!!!
    Ouch for you on your booboo there... Hope it heals well for you!