Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Locust plague.

The locust plague continues here.

Today was particularly bad. Silly things are everywhere munching, munching, munching. Its really hard to get a photograph that shows how thick they are but you sort of get the picture above. The air is thick with them especially when you walk anywhere. They hop in your face, up your trouser legs. Ick.

I've got the mandatory, very attractive, green shade-cloth fixed to the front of my car to stop the radiator overheating from grasshopper build up. We drove to Bendigo today and the car looks like its been used in a game of paintball. There are hoppers splatted all over the front windscreen.

The paddocks are started to show the signs, clover is gone in most places, brown patches of dead grass everywhere, even the front lawn. They don't seem to be attracted to the vegie patch.....yet.

Just when we thought we had seem enough bugs, all of a sudden giant black wasps have appeared digging holes everywhere and dragging locusts under ground. Its fascinating to watch nature at work but the last thing we need is a wasp bite.

Thankyou everyone for the sore finger sympathy.
The finger is going OK, bit painful but it will get better. I had it redressed today as the dressing the Dr. put on fell off, it was supposed to last five days. The nurse that fixed me up today said Drs are hopeless at dressings.


  1. Oh Julie, you've just handed me a dose of perspective. Tonight I've spent an hour in the vegie patch trying to regain control of a big mess (only there because of neglect from me)

    I was feeling a tad overwhelmed by it but after a shower, and reading your post, it's nothing really. The locusts are so destructive. I hope they do leave your (no doubt much tidier than mine) vegie patch alone. And then head off out to sea.

    And I trust the throbbing in the finger also stops soon.

  2. Sounds awful!!!! Is it because of dry weather?? What can you do to help control it?? This is the first time I hear the word "locust". Are they the same as grasshoppers??? Terrible for crops!

  3. Apparently they are now close to Adelaide I hope they run out of steam before they get here. I agree Dr are hopeless at dressings.

  4. Hi Julie
    We were in Shepp on the weekend. Locusts not as thick there but man those little blighters (can't bring myself to swear on blogs..) are BIG!!
    Hope they go on their merry way soon and leave you with some green.

  5. must be an amazing thing to see and hear!!! we don't get anything like this where i live!

  6. We saw a locust plague when we holidayed up North a few years ago. In Karumba we made the mistake of putting our little boat under the trees in the shade ... woke up the next morning to find it full of locust poop!!! Yuk lol!!!
    Good luck with yours, I do hope they move on soon!!!
    Joy :o)
    PS Do take care of that poor finger ... I hope it's better soon!

  7. We have plenty of the little sods too. Seem to be easing off a bit today though, maybe they'e gone somewhere else.