Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New look.

I'm getting used to my new short hair do.

Today I wore the new top I made.
I'm very happy with it. Not bad considering its made from some fabric that was being given away at a garage sale. I've got a huge box full that I must go through and see what other gems are in it.

I wanted a longish top with a small loose fitting sleeve.
Does anybody else find tops sold in shops are all very short and have tight arm holes.

I have to get cracking and make a couple more before the Christmas break.


  1. Your new hairstyle looks wonderful. I am so used to looking at your profile pic. Yes I agree that store bought tops are always short, and some do have tight armholes. Your new top looks very nice.

  2. Cute hair and top! Did you use a pattern as all the tops are always too short for me too

  3. Love the short hair ..and the top jules...

  4. Oh you look gawjus, lovely and cool for the summer days :o). Love that little top too, it really suits you!
    Joy :o)

  5. That is a really nice top!!! And great hair cut by the ways!

  6. Love the new do, and that top is just darling on you!