Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mum's influence.

This is a "bit and pieces" post.
Do you like our tropical weather (above) at the moment.
Hot, steamy and stormy with locusts.

Thankyou everyone to the lovely responses to my Bake Shop quilt.
I loved making this quilt.

We have had Grandma (my Mum) staying with us for a few days. As usual I get lots of things done while she is here because magically there is no ironing/dishes/unmade beds etc when she stays.

Mum brought her fancy machine with her so I could do some quilting because mine is playing up. I quilted a cot quilt for a friend and also did some more on my Girl's Day out Quilt.

Mum worked out why my machine wasn't working right......... I had forgotten to put the plate over the feed dogs. Ooops, problem solved at least.

We also cut out and made up a top for me. This is just an around the house version using up some old fabric. I have some nice new fabric purchases I'm going to make it up in now that I know the style fits nicely. I've shirred the neck and a high waist and left the sleeves just with a rolled hem. Very comfortable.

Mum also brought a couple of her latest quilt finishes with her.
A small baby quilt. So pretty.

And a quilt using up her hand dyed fabrics.
She's a bit clever isn't she.

After Mum went home I spent most of today making short-breads for little Christmas gifts for teachers etc.
Mum, found these great little cutters that imprint the shortbread as you cut them out.
Very nifty. They turned out really well.

Last of all I'm sending off some hand made goodness to a cancer charity auction night tonight.
This is the smallest Izzy and Ivy dress I've made. It should make a nice Christmas prezzi for a little baby girl.


  1. Hey Julie! So ... does your Mum want to come and visit me, cos there's always PLENTY of ironing, dirty dishes and housework waiting for attenting! :0) And well done on your second Moda quilt! Remember when you were first angsting about whether to design or not?? Told you that you could do it! :0) Have a fabulous week - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. Very nice post! And I could borrow your mom too. You could start some kind of mother rental bussiness if you want!! And I am sure she would like it too, she´ll get to travel around the globe!
    Beautiful quilts and lovely dress!

  3. That's a whole lot of productivity. That Izzy and Ivy dress is stunning, as always.
    Ab x

  4. That's a whole lot of productivity. That Izzy and Ivy dress is stunning, as always.
    Ab x