Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gingerbread house deconstruction

Excitedly waiting here for my latest Moda Bake Shop project to be published.
Don't forget to have a look later on today.

In the meantime, inspired by our Sydney cousins we thought we would have a go at gingerbread house making.

My Mum spent three hours during the week baking the gingerbread panels, chimney, biscuits, gingerbread men and ladies. We purchased bags of sweets and icing sugar and set to work making this morning.

The kids were very excited, the novelty wore off slightly when the house construction started to take longer than expected and there weren't many sweets involved at this early stage.

With some help of some interior cardboard reinforcing and some extra long quilting pins to hold things in place while the icing set we finally got it together and left it to set.

Then disaster struck.
In what seemed like slow motion, the roof started to cave in and the chimney fell completely through. At this stage I was thinking we could still decorate it and pretend it was a derelict farm house.

In the end we salvaged a wall and have decorated a more two dimensional version of a gingerbread house, eating lots of lollies along the way.
The kids are still happy.
Thats all that matters.
Thanks Mum for the three house cooking time!
We think the gingerbread might have been a little undercooked.
Does anyone have a good hard setting recipe they would like to share that we could try next year?

Happy house making if you are going to build one!


  1. I always use the Wilton gingerbread recipe.

  2. Your brother suggested to cook it longer and cooler like a pavlova!

  3. yep just cook it longer and then you can pop in the oven for a bit longer just before you use it to get any condensation out.

    we used a $7.99 one for the kids from the fruit market and cyclone finn knocked down the wall and roof

    well done

  4. I have a really good recipe that sets well AND lasts for weeks, well, it does if you can keep the big kids away :o) I'll be making some as soon as I finish this bl$#%@y sewing, so I'll show some photo's. I can send you the recipe along with the poppy seeds in Autumn. Looking forward to seeing the bake shop later tonight...!

  5. The kids look super - happy regardless...

  6. the womens weekly recipe sets rock hard (as long as it's not undersooked)!

  7. umm that'd be undercooked...

  8. I use the same cut out pattern as your Mom, I think maybe it was under cooked, mine comes out hard as a rock ~~~lol. We don't eat it but it smells great!!

  9. haha!! Julie, I love the post, great picture of the kids. Sorry, no recipe here. It is not a tradition in my country so we have never tried to make one before. It sounds like a lot of fun!!!

  10. Oh bugger!
    It still looks tasty :o)
    Ab x

  11. Wow! Looks like big time fun there Julie!! I was hoping to try making such from scratch this year too...
    The kids look happy with their creativity! 8-)

  12. Aw so much effort and then the equivalent of a Christchurch earthquake sends things in a downwards direction! I love the two dimentional house - good on you for not letting all that effort go to waste. Yum!