Sunday, December 26, 2010


We have had Christmas celebrations with both sides of our family over thew last two days, both in Melbourne. The kids were very excited to see what Santa brought, so excited we were woken by Mr Seven at 3am! I convinced him another few hours sleep would be a good idea. They both received some lovely gifts and have spent most of the weekend putting together Lego.

Its been lovely to catch up with family and the kids loved playing with their cousins yesterday. Today was spent with grown ups so not a lot of photos to show.

The old fashioned smallest to tallest photo is becoming a family tradition. You have to be quick though, trying to get the little ones to stay still is fun.

Miss Muff in her Christmas dress, hot off the sewing machine.
Worn here with a T-shirt because it was so cool.

Here's my, very grown up looking niece. I can't believe she's the same little girl in the flower-girl dress in our wedding photos.

I'll have to have some catch up post this week to show off some of my gifts. Most excited about my new Cannon DSLR!!!!!! Thanks Santa (aka Mum and Dad). I'm working my way through the instruction manual.

I hope all my blog readers had a lovely Christmas as did we.

xxx Julie.


  1. gorgeous, love the dress...and like the shortest to tallest pic, wish I'd thought of that!

  2. I love the pictures with all the kids!!! Miss Muff looks so pretty!!! I am glad to hear you all had a lovely Christmas with exciting gifts!!

  3. oh julie, imagine if my guys were in there too! LOVE LOVE LOVE the cousins photo together! they all look adorable and yes someone is looking all grown up!
    looks like lots of fun and enjoy your new camera!