Saturday, November 6, 2010

To market, to market.

Well after what seems like endless preparation the market is over. Kesenya and I shared a stall which worked great because we could take it in turns to pop out for food or a quick look around in the quiet spots.

My most popular sellers were my hand made clothes and accessories.

Here's my half of our stall below.
Note Kesenya's convertible Pontiac parked behind us which was hugely popular with male market goers. The wives liked it too because it meant they got to have a good look at our stall while the men were checking out the car!

Kesenya's half of the stall.
She sells hand made retro styled clothing, gorgeous retro inspired canvases and bric-a-brac.

Here's our main drawcard below.
She's available for special occasions complete with driver in fifties attire if you wish.
Contact Alice Jeans.


  1. looks gorgeous julie and oh the weather you had, wow! pouring here! bet you're glad to rest up now though


  2. Beautiful stalls. Good to hear you did well. Having the car parked there was an EXCELLENT selling strategy (haha!!!).

  3. Oh wow Jules, it has been ages since I have read your blog and you have had so much going on !! Thanks for the mention of my car for hire etc, but especially thanks for the fun on the family think we should try Warrandyte which is far more artsy craftsy....what do you think? Love you heaps market stall buddy !!

  4. Wonderful display of your goods there Julie!!! Sounds like you did well! 8-)