Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Yay! There's enough room to drive a tractor through my sewing room now. After hardly being able to see the floor this morning I have obviously achieved some sort of order, Mr. Seven now has room now to harvest the carpet.

Two of our six house guests this weekend have to sleep in here so a clean up was nesessary.

I need to find somewhere to store my plastic boxes don't I. They are so useful but so ugly at the same time. We have a very old house with very little built in storage so its gets difficult to "hide" everything. This room also, unfortunately seems to attract everything in the house that doesn't have a proper home.
Does anyone else have that problem?


  1. Hey Julie! Amen, Sister!!! :0) All of what you said! We're in a 4br Federation cottage we moved to from a huge farm house with the equivalent of 7 br, so you can IMAGINE the downsizing and overcrowding we have!!! My sewing room and the office are the 'junk-magnet' rooms and neither has useful storage. (The bodgy-home-job-from-previous-owner built ins in the SR don't count!!) We're awaiting a quote for custom shelving to start our re-organisation ball rolling. Your SR looks pretty tidy now, though! :0) Enjoy the visitors! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. I like the boxes they look very crafty :)
    Well done on the clean up...looks great :)

  3. I am the queen of random crap (bow at my feet) and when the estate just came round to take photos I had to stuff all these random piles of 'stuff' in drawers. Never gets better!
    Hmmm seems me not getting off my botty to call you means I miss out on knowing it was/is your birthday.
    Can I have a piece of cake anyway? It looks so yummy that all I want right now is cake!!!
    Well done on the clean up all that fabric looks soooo lovely.
    Ab xx

  4. Yep, same here..! Old house, no storage, small rooms.....big ambitions :o)

  5. Oh my goodness, can I move in???
    It looks so organised and ready to start sewing.
    Oh and same problem with storage here but Bren solved it by setting me up with some ugly gal shelving for my fabric. Think shed rather than studio. Hmmmm

  6. I should be so lucky to have a 'room' for my 'stuff' is piled oh so unceremoniously on the wooden bench in our living area...And you can fit a tractor in there too! I'm moving in sister. Pxo

  7. A proper home for everything, Julie? Ah, nooooo! I have a couple of special places for my homeless stuff - our bedroom seems to be a stash-and-run space, as does the twins' room. It seems an unused top bunk is a good storage idea - then again, maybe not!

    Looks like you've done well! Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Hi Julie!! I am back from a short break and trying to catch up with my blog reading and house work. You did a great job cleaning up that room....and it reminds me I should be doing the same with mine!
    Happy birthday this week, I will be having one too before the end of the month.
    I love the picture of the chooks!!

  9. LOL - have you thought about just draping a length of fabric over the boxes.........I use that trick frequently!

  10. I put all my tubs out in the shed and then dad was trimming trees and one fell on the shed and they all got crushed.

    Keep them inside :)

  11. feel free to come here to do mine, you're lucky to find a path to walk through!

  12. Room to harvest carpet is very important - don't under estimate that!

    Your space is looking super tidy. My trick with storage is to hide everything behind cupboard doors (doesn't stop it from falling out when I open the doors though!).

  13. I used to have everyone's things end up in "My" creative space when our 3 children were young... This too shall pass for you...eventually... 8-)

    I think you shouldn't worry about hiding your plastic boxes. They look tidy, and everyone knows you are a fabriholic and stitcher... 8-)