Thursday, November 25, 2010

I hate to break the news......

....I didn't make the pin wheels.

It seems I should have made them seeing they were the popular choice of most readers.

I went with something different to what I've made before.
Out of the comfort zone so to speak.

As for the flying geese border, I'm in two minds now I've made the quilt top.

I'm not convinced this is the type of design that lends itself to geese.

Opinions gratefully accepted.

Do you think it will all look to "pointy"?
Am I going to have trouble working out which way to face the geese?
Would I be better with a plain border?



  1. It looks great but it sounds like you are speaking a foreign language.
    Is it pouring there?

  2. I was right! I was right! OK...I'll stop jumping up and down now! LOL Your quilt top looks wonderful but I do think the geese may be too much. I think this one will be lovely with a simple border! Just my opinion! Can't wait to see what you do! :0)

  3. Pinwheels are so yesterday Hee! Hee! I'd go with a plain border too!

  4. Hahaha, I guess we all went with what you would 'normally' do! Still love it, though I wouldn't go with geese, yep, too pointy I think. I think I'd go for plain borders with that too...

  5. Looks lovely, why have a border, just bind it. A similar quilt is at Redpepperquilts - without square corners.

  6. I love the layout you chose. It's so much easier to appreciate the prints this way. What if you pieced a piano-key border? It would still be interesting, but would keep it from being too many triangles.

  7. Ah Missy Muff... 8-)
    Love the fabrics you used in this quilt top Julie! I checked out Helen's suggestion, and I think It looks good without a border, and just bound... I will look forward to what you decide...

  8. I think just a plain boarder, and btw, it looks great!

  9. OOOoooopsss!!!! Sorry!!
    But Miss Muff looks cute no matter what design you choose, right? it doesn´t sound bad to just bind it, otherwise I´ll go for a plain border.
    My Mr 8 tells your Mr 7 he is defenitely going to Australia. There are no camels around here.
    Is the pig kissing thing something you do very often?? :-)

  10. You are too clever Mrs! I love it - I have no idea what a 'flying goose boarder' actually is or looks like... but Im super impressed with the 'lid' of your quilt. Cheers, Peta PS (lessons greatly appreciated - got Ab lined up too!)

  11. Your quilt looks beautiful. I would consider leaving it as is, it is perfect now.

  12. I also vote for leaving it as is, or a very simple border, its a very beautiful quilt top!