Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Helloooo, is anybody home.

It must be a few days since I blogged, my Dad even wants to know if all is OK.
Here's a wrap up of the last few days.

I finally got the sewing room organised for two of our guests had room to sleep in there. My birthday was on Friday as well as the school fete where Mr. Narioka works, we also attended a funeral Friday so I postponed my birthday celebrations to the weekend.

We had family here over the weekend. My SIL, after reading this post was feeling very left out so she stayed up to midnight Friday making me a birthday chocolate mud cake. It was beautiful Kath. So thats three cakes and one pavlova so far for me this birthday and its wasn't even a "zero" birthday. Thats next year.

The school fete Friday night was fantastic. I took
the kids thinking we would stay an hour, but there was so much to do and it was such a lovely warm evening we stayed three hours. Mr Seven did a camel ride. The boy hasn't even ridden a horse yet.

There were all your usual competitions, food, baby animals, fire trucks, you name it, it was there. The kids loved it. They want a goat now.

I thought this was a novel way of drawing the raffle. Numbered balls in a cement truck. Turn the mixer on and they come out of the shoot.

The other highlight/lowlight of the evening was the teacher kissing a pig competition. The school community had been voting for weeks, 50 cents a vote, for one of the teachers to kiss a pig........guess who won........guess who I won't kiss again for a while. No photo sorry, he was mobbed by all the kids. All sort of swine flu jokes going around now. An incredibly funny and simple fund raising idea though.

I worked yesterday but today I've made a dedicated sewing day. I was all set to quilt this UFO. I'm in such a quilting mood at the moment.

It was all going well except I didn't to a test piece or check the back. Wouldn't you know it, the tension is all wrong. Grrrrr. So I'm unpicking that at the moment. Lucky I hadn't done too much.

Hope you are having a more productive day.


  1. I recommend Dettol...on the lips...his lips that is..!
    Don't you just love country fairs and shows, they just seem to get it right don't they..?
    Well apart from kissing pigs of course..!

  2. OMG what a beautiful post!!! I am just laughing so loud about the pig kissing contest!!! And I know someone who will die in front of the computer monitor tomorrow when he sees your mr seven on a camel!!!
    Sorry about your machine tension problem!!! It will be fine next time (it better be, right?)
    Well, I hope you had a great birthday. And thanks for the comments in my blog!!

  3. Phew you have been busy. Sounds like you deserve a little lie down.
    Happy Birthday!