Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chocolate and chooks.

I celebrate my last "thirty something" birthday later this week.
One of the lovely older ladies in town overheard me say I had a busy week ahead so this afternoon she appears at our house with a home made birthday cake, complete with candles in case I didn't get time to make myself one. Knowing her it will be delicious. Mum and Dad are visiting in a fortnight, when there will no doubt be more deliciousness, pavlova's and ginger fluffs. Talk about spoilt.

Our funny photo of the week.
Three of our chooks having a little chat on the back step while looking in the back window. I do wonder what they are thinking sometimes. Probably wishing they could have some cake!


  1. What a wonderful photo - maybe the were waiting for Miss Muff to come out to play.

  2. I think they are showing their little bottoms to that handsome little rooster behind them...and bickering about who's he likes best :)

  3. Happy B'day to you Happy B'day to you.....hey enjoy your special day....how lucky are you to have a cake made for you by someone in your community....that is so so so special...Have an awesome day...Enjoy