Friday, November 12, 2010

Blown away by this finish.

I've just rushed outside in the 40 kph pre-storm winds to grab a few shots of this quilt today as promised. It would have made a great video me chasing, yes chasing my quilt across the yard before it hit a rusty fence, cow poo or a cow for that matter. I did manage a few still, non flappy shots.

At one stage it blew off the clothes line quite artistically onto this garden bed.

The design is a version of "Summer Lovin" by Anne Gadsby. Fabrics from Moda's Fresh range started about 18 months ago. Hearts are hand appliqued on. I stippled each square and quilted tiny loopy hearts in the blue sashing. I'll try and get a close up of the quilting when the photographic conditions improve.

Its so nice to have it finished. Little Miss Muff has already adopted it for her bed.

Here it is made up in totally different fabrics. This one also had appliqued flowers next to each heart.


  1. love the background for the second quilt.
    The first one looks so cool and fresh.

  2. The quilts looks great! Beautiful fabrics on both of them.
    Have a great weekend,

  3. the quilt is lovely it can be very frustrating when photographic conditions are not right. You did well in the end.

  4. It's just beautiful Julie! Congratulations on getting it finished! :0)

  5. Lookin good. I'd like to have seen some footage of you dashing about trying to save the thing though :o)

  6. LOL! Love the way you describe situations Julie... 8-)

    Miss Muff has a wonderful quilt for her bed now!!! Looks great Julie!