Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I gave up on machine quilting the UFO in my last post. I lost interest after I had to unpick all the mucked up stitching. So what to do........

I had a roam around the sewing room, looked at the mending pile and then these Moda, Bliss charm squares jumped into my hand and said
"make me, make me".

I've been toying with doing a large pin wheel quilt with them so I set to making half square triangles.

But then there are so many other things you can do with HST's.

mmmm, decisions.

So much for the UFO reduction program I had going.


  1. Oh I love Bliss, one of the online bees that I belong to, the one that only does Flickr (bizarre) is doing my blocks next month and I'm using Bliss with the Charming Stars quilt on the bake shop, so excited, this bliss is for meeeeeee!!! Must do a post about it soon...

  2. Oh, that will be so pretty, no matter which lay-out you go with.
    I do love quilting, I just don't get to it very often. Your work is just beautiful!