Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tasi quilting haunts.

OK Tasi bloggers.
My Mum and Aunty (both quilters) are off to Tasi shortly. Are there any quilty haunts they should know about in the Hobart area, Southport and Strahan? They have the Quilted Crow on their itinerary newly situated in an old sandstone church which sounds lovely. Reply in my comments section, Mum will read it.


  1. Julie I'm sure they'll love Frangipani Fabrics in Gregory St, Sandy Bay (close to the city). Haven't been there myself yet but heard a lot about it. There's also The Patch in Patrick St on the other side of the CBD. Some of my friends have spent lots of time there - buying and doing classes.
    Hope they have a lovely trip - let me know if I can be of any help. I'm only 10min from both places. x

  2. Your photo there looks like a lovely place to visit Julie!! I look forward to hearing of your mum and aunt's day... 8-)

  3. There's also the Needlewoman on Liverpool St and Stitch in Time at Sandy Bay, it's not far from Frangipani Fabrics. The QC has a gathering on Sunday at the church but it might be booked out. Nothing in Strahan or Southport.
    The weather's great here today, the sun's out.