Monday, October 11, 2010

Spring market.

The first Saturday in November I sharing a market stall at the Murribit Country Market with my super stylish friend Kesenya. It will be a mix of her retro treasures, quite a selection or our hand made clothes, and also, I believe cup cakes!!

Silly me sold a heap of things over the weekend on Madeit so I'm going to be busy sewing for the next few weeks to re-stock but it will be nice to have a whole new range to peddle.

So if you are close by, even if you are not its worth the drive, come and visit us. Discounts for any bloggy friends so make sure you say Hi. Get there early too, it takes a while to work your way around 350 stalls. Yes, its a very big market. One of the best in my eyes.

There are heaps of crafty stalls, food, produce, plants, clothing, tools, art, jewellery etc etc......

See you there!

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  1. Wow Julie! You must be gaining a whole bunch of customers/sales if you've got to quickly do some sewing restocking for this event!!! Good for you!! 8-)