Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hoping there is minimal heckling from the stash towards today's purchases!

After nearly twelve months I've finally caught up with my ready made binding sales rep. I was running low and using what I had left very sparingly. The next few days hope to photograph and post my latest dresses for my Madeit shop and also organise my surplus fabrics/bindings etc for Craftumi. Check in next week. Fingers crossed for some nice photo taking weather this weekend.

Preparations (read, madly sewing again) for a November market I'm booked in for, and possibly another before Christmas. I managed to sell my entire box of yoyo hair clips this week to a local hairdresser so I'm back to making yoyo's every evening to replenish supplies. Its a real buzz when people like what you make. I must admit its been nice to get to a stage with market stock where you are just replacing sold items and not trying to build up initial stock. Its quite a lot of work in the early stages.


  1. Are you serious, a binding rep????
    How do I get myself one of them????