Monday, October 4, 2010

Peasant top.

After following up a linky that Bianca had on her blog the other day I think I may have found the perfect peasant top pattern. I've bought the children's size and really like it, so like you BJ, I might have to go back for the adult version. Very impressed. Thankyou.

This is the Molly Peasant Dress pattern made up in vintage sheets from the garage sale I went to last weekend. I've tweaked it slightly by cutting out the pattern pieces, sewing up all the seams, doing a rolled hem on every edge then shirring where the pattern says to insert elastic.

I'm yet to try it on the small child but when I lie it on top of her while she sleeps it appears it will fit nicely. I like sewing at night because there are no interruptions but the downfall is the kids are asleep when I'm ready for them to try on the finished products.

Oh, and Kate, the vintage sheets shirred up beautifully...................nudge nudge.


  1. Gosh that Bianca is a bad influence ;)

    Super cute top! Love the vintage sheet xox

  2. The top looks great - I bought that pattern today for a friend who did not have paypal. I agree,a grown up one would be the go.

  3. Its gorgeous! I love that pattern.
    I bet your hooked on sewing with old sheets now!
    I can't believe I forgot to tell you that I had a go. It was easy and looks great, but now I can't seem to work out how to reset the tension on my machine.
    Looking forward to see what happens next.

  4. What a darling top! My little Gracie would look so cute in that pattern.


  5. gorgeous!!!!!!!!! and gorgeously modelled and don't worry, keira's wardrobe combo's often leave a lot to be desired!