Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If fabric could talk.

New boxes of fabric meet stash, stash meet new boxes fabric.

After acquiring a new selection of fabrics this week I got to thinking its just as well fabric can't talk.

I could hear the stash yelling across the room to the unsuspecting, new boxes of fabric.......

"She says she loves you but you'll be put on a shelf and forgotten."
"Never again will you be so neatly folded."

From the box......

"I'm so beautiful she will want to use me straight away"
"I'll never be stuck in the bottom of a drawer or on a shelf"


"She's into sewing up second hand sheets at the moment, how do you think that makes us feel?"




"Look around the corner."
"She's probably on the computer checking out new ranges right now."


"Surely not."
"Why would she need anything else when she has us."


"You have so much to learn."
"Welcome to the real world."

I'm feeling very sorry for the boxes of new fabric, I think I have a lot of depressed pre-cuts and bolts on my hands. I knew I shouldn't have left them alone in the sewing room. Maybe if I sew some up they will feel a little better. Don't tell them there is more to come after the Quilt Market this year. Shhhh. New bindings coming this week too. Heaven.

I'm busy planning future Moda quilt designs, exploring Craftumi and putting together kits. Things are coming together nicely. Takes time but its fun.


  1. Oh.....wonder what my stash will say when Abbe gets here :S
    And I told you, you are on fire hilarious one ;) xox

  2. I'm getting really worried now, you're eavesdropping on talking fabric.....sigh!!! Time to get out more Julie :o)

  3. Hmmm seems there's some relationship issues in your sewing studio. Maybe they need an attitude adjustment with the rotary cutter. Can't wait to get my hands on some :o)
    Miss Muff looks fab in her 'new' dresses!!!

  4. My fabric would be screaming...."get out, run, leap, flee whilst ye can, SHE knows not what SHE does. RUn RUN RUN...
    I do also have a (strange) theory that fabric - like sultana's in the kids section of the car - has the uncanny ability to multiply when you are not looking.... Thanks for the goggle. P

  5. ...I meant giggle...can't sew, can't touch type.....

  6. Do love your stashy conversations Julie he he, they're such pretty additions too :o).
    Joy :o)

  7. ROFL...Makes me a little bit scared to think what my fabric might be saying behind my back! LOL

  8. LOL! Love it Julie!!! Very entertaining! 8-)