Thursday, October 21, 2010

Garden fairies.

We had a lovely morning this morning with one of our local play group Mums Jacinta, who I've discovered does photography. She brought out her little daughter out who's almost the same age as Miss Muff and we did some photos of the pair of them in the garden in some of my hand made clothes. They were adorable. Perfect little modals.

Wearing Izzy and Ivy Ava Tie dresses.

Vintage sheet peasant dresses.
Perfect for playing outside and chook feeding.
These size 2-3 are available in my Madeit shop now.

Jacinta's selling nature/scenic photos in her Madeit shop
Kadesia Jane Photography.

I'm still working on her to start a blog to show off her photos too.

Already planning outfits for our next photo session.

Thanks Jacinta.


  1. Cute! I love their purple dresses:)

    Great pictures! I am looking forward to seeing other photo sessions;)

  2. My Pleasure Julie,
    The girls had a ball once they got into it. I loved photographing them, as you said they were the perfect little models. I can't wait to come out and do some more :)
    Ps. I am getting onto doing my Blog soon :)

  3. Wow what beautiful models and gorgeous girls !

  4. Gorgeous photos!
    Those purple dresses are divine.
    Have a happy weekend Jules.

  5. Jules - these dresses are simply adorable - and the photographs are great too. Beautiful wee garden fairy folk. Cheers. Peta

  6. Gorgeous! Pictures, girls and dresses :)
    BTW fabric is fab. Thanks Julie xox

  7. Adorable girls, adorable dresses, and wonderful phots of the two of them! 8-)