Friday, October 1, 2010


Do you remember ages ago I put a little add in our local paper for old sewing supplies. I'm still getting phone calls. I had a lady ring last night for me to come and check through all her Mum's fabric etc that they are selling a a garage sale this weekend. OMG There would have been fifteen boxes of fabric plus a table filled with linen, vintage sheets....etc. etc. I was wishing I could close my eyes, I Dream of Jeanie style, and blink a few of you bloggers here with me.

I had a rummage and came away with three, yes only three, boxes full of quality fabrics, a few old, sorry vintage sheets and some massive rolls of elastic. I could have taken the lot but storage is an issue. I'm really trying to downsize what I already own. I couldn't resist the cotton stripes, metres of cord in every colour and some really snazzy authentic retro prints. Ellie Mae will end up with some interesting clothes eventually. I've always used new fabrics for the clothes I sell but I'm considering a few dresses in "reclaimed fabric" too.

For people that didn't sew they had it all beautifully presented and the fabric in their colour groups. I'm resisting the urge to go back again later, two dollars per full box was very cheap.

The other bargain of day (I thought so, others in the house disagree) was this antique set of drawers. I blew five dollars on this one. She needs some work but I've done up pieces like this before and they come up beautiful.

The other find of the week was this chiffon bolero top to wear with my dress at the wedding tomorrow. I've been looking for something like this for ages.


  1. What a find. How beautiful are those fabrics. I'm very happy for you. Now you just need to be brave and use them! Cherrie

  2. oh man, julie jealousy! wow all those gorgeous fabrics and that chest of drawers! gorgeous! I really like the blue and white and I'm thinking new!

    well done, you might need to start looking my country home when justin becomes a millionaire and I'll spend part of the year down there! haha!

  3. Oh my goodness Jules, I am just a tad jealous of your gorgeous haul. Do you still have the ad? I'd love to copy your idea if that's ok. X

  4. Shopping Magnifica !!!!!
    Be beautiful clothes and furniture helpful.

  5. lots of good finds there. My son has just taken an interest in doing up old furniture, it is really rewarding when you get something new from old.

  6. Oh Julie, you lucky quilter/seamstress!!! Good for you on the fabric finds, and what a wonderful dresser that will be when refinished...
    A lovely little over wrap to most any dress I am sure... Have a great time at the wedding! 8-)